If you have an interest in the building and operating of radio control model submarines, then this is the place to be. In the pages of this website you will find all the information you will need to make a start in this fascinating hobby. How to build a model sub, how to fit it out, how to make your choice of model to build, all this and more is covered. You will read all the pitfalls you are likely to come across, and hopefully you will learn how to overcome them. There's always someone who has encountered them and cured them.

As you are reading this we presume that you have an interest in model submarines and that you have many questions that require answering. Through these web pages we will introduce you to the hobby and try to answer some of the more common questions relating to model submarines.

The Association of Model Submariners take great pride in appearing at major British model exhibitions, where members from Britain and abroad meet and exchange ideas. 


The AMS also has a fully interactive forum where you can chat in real time to other members, ask questions and pass over information to others. Feel free to visit the forum. 



Or come and see us on the Association's Facebook page:



 We are indebted to the membership of the AMS, both past and present, for their contributions of photographs and material towards the building of this website. Without their generous assistance, the job of putting the site together would have been  virtually impossible.


This website is owned by The Association of Model Submariners.

The website was originally built by Richard Huggett and is maintained by the Association's webmaster, Ben Hall


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