Bernie Wood

Bernie Wood was, to many of us, the guru of model submarines in the UK.

He was a man who was freely forthcoming with advice and assistance, he would do his utmost to help anyone out who was encountering a problem, and he was without doubt the life and soul of the AMS.

He could turn his hand to many different sides of modelling as well as submarines. He built a superb model steam picket boat, and he was also behind the famous 'exploding target' which the AMS used in many demonstrations countrywide back in the 1980's.

His experiments with operating torpedoes left gaping holes in his garden, and he was also responsible for the demise of my then wife's favourite goldfish when a torpedo ran amok in my fishpond and struck the poor creature amidships...we had to make a very quick trip to the local pet shop and buy a similar looking replacement fish before she returned home...he was never allowed to forget that!

I count myself lucky to have known him for many years, he was my mentor and my friend.

He is sorely missed by model submariners all over the world , and this page is dedicated to the memory of the great man and his boats.