Internal Layout

This section of the website shows the different internal layouts that members have used to install the internal equipment in their boats. Everyone has different ideas as to how this should be done, and the use of different manufacturer's equipment is evident.

Some modellers like to use a radio box with a bolt down perspex lid, some like to to use a watertight cylinder (WTC) and some prefer to install a combination of both.

There is also another method which uses the hull itself as the watertight housing, the hull is normally then cut and fitted with a bayonet fixing to secure the two halves together. This gives easy access to the internals of the boat, but does need very careful attachment of the bayonet to avoid leaks.

The images below show a wide selection of internal installation with all things to do with model submarines, the two main things to remember when fitting out your boat are (1) ease of access to the electronics for repairs and battery charging, and (2) complete water tightness.