The "Terminal Dive"

The "Terminal Dive" is something that all model submariners fear. It happens sometimes, due to a technical fault, equipment failure, an accident, getting tangled up in an underwater object, or just plain bad luck

The few pictures show the aftermath and the successful retrieval of a victim of the "terminal dive syndrome"

Getting your sub back involves 2 steps - location and recovery.

Location - Where did you last see it? Any bubbles or surface disturbance? Consider fitting an onboard "Pinger" device . (Search for Pinger on the Forum for current details.)

Recovery - if the pond is deep you may need a diver , as below, but often model ponds are wadeable. Use fisherman's waders and a lifejacket. Have someone on shore for safety.

Don't be deterred by potential loss and don't restrict yourself to "gin-clear" ponds or swimming pools which are seldom available in the UK anyway and rarely constitute your local model boat club pond.

With grateful thanks to Roy Palmer for his kind permission to use these photographs.